Buy A Home

Discover how to own your own home in 7 days or less, no matter what kind of credit you have – Guaranteed! We understand that sometimes life gets out of control and everyone deserves another chance.

If you are:

  1. Short on Cash
  2. Self Employed

Or if you have:

  1. Had a Recent Foreclosure
  2. Poor Credit
  3. Had a Bankruptcy

That’s not a problem! Click the Buy a Home Fast button to see how you can become a homeowner.

Have you always wanted to buy a home but:

  • You’ve never had enough cash for a down payment?
  • You’ve had some credit problems in the past and can’t seem to qualify for a bank loan?

If so, we can help you finally purchase your own home without bank qualifying. Stop throwing away thousands of dollars on rent and click on the Buy a Home Fast Button.

You could be moving into your “own” home within a few days

  • Why am I so sure? Because we don’t have to wait for bank approvals, mortgage companies, and you won’t have to deal with people that scrutinize your financial past and have to ask you to explain why you did what you did with your finances.”

That’s why buying a home with us is going to be basically stress-free 

I’ve personally had the unfortunate experience of dealing with people who provide, “Rent to Own” options when they really want to rent you a house and they’re not concerned about making you a homeowner.

We have a comprehensive lease purchase and owner financing program that doesn’t look at your credit or employment. We provide you with your own “private” financing so that we can finance you for a year or two (or more if necessary), so that you can build equity while you’re in our program. At the end of the program, your timely payments and equity will make it easier for you to get your own loan, making it so that you won’t be a “renter” forever. We cover everything from A to Z so click here to get started!