Consultation Services

Most construction companies come to look at one’s problem, provide an estimate based on what is believed to be wrong, do the work if given the contract and go about their business. This then allows the problem to possibly persist if it wasn’t properly analyzed.


That is why we believe that providing consultations either in person or via Zoom saves money, time, and more importantly, it allows us to show each client that we are intent on providing the best solutions possible. Each consultation will provide:

A presentation

A walk-through of the facility with an assessment of our findings

We can do the walk-throughs either virtually or in person, but we suggest doing it in person since the lighting of the room, for example, could prevent a camera from picking up certain construction issues

The ability to speak to us one on one and we suggest that all/most Trustees and/or board members be present in order to answer any questions or concerns that one may have. This will also allow us the opportunity to be more comprehensive about the kind of solution that is needed based on one’s finances and specific situation.

Many individuals don’t realize the depth of many construction related problems. For example, in one instance we went to see a church due to the paint peeling inside the sanctuary, and when we got there, we realized that water damage was causing the paint to peel in the first place. That meant that we would have to provide a more comprehensive solution so that the paint wouldn’t peel anymore and to prevent major issues from occurring like, having the foundation crack due to water damage. Interestingly, another company came in to see this issue before we did but they failed to mention the water damage, and this could have been either due to their lack of experience, or they might have just wanted to make a quick buck.

If you have a construction project you are considering, we suggest calling us for a consultation. Call us at: 516-667-6340 to schedule your consultation now while there are still openings available!