Grants and Loans

If you know a United Methodist Church that is need of repair but it doesn’t have much cash, we have the perfect service to provide them with both! Through City Society, one can request grants up to $150,000 and loans for even higher, but it can be a bit tedious. Although this can scare many a member away, we can help United Methodist Churches with this grant and loan application process to make life a bit easier. Our team has successfully been able to help churches through the process and has seen them acquire monies to do their projects successfully. If you are in need of grants or loans for construction, please contact us so that we can see how we can help you. Please fill out the form here to provide us more information so that we can contact you and get things started!

Does your United Methodist Church need more than $150,000 for the renovation project?
Have you ever applied for a loan/grant for the United Methodist Church?