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From Rev. Tom Vencuss – Director, NYAC Missions and Disaster Response (Retired)

July 22, 2021

July 22, 2021 To Whom it May Concern I write this in support of the work, both in skill and oversight, of Rev Elon and Tani Sylvester, and their organization, Domicile Solution Seivices.

When I (and Wendy) returned from 3 years in Haiti to oversee the NYAC Sandy Recovery program, we were offered the open parsonage in Belmore, New York, for housing. The two main floors of the house had been well maintained. The basement had not. Aside from the furnace it had not been used in a number of years and showed the effects of extended neglect and deferred maintenance. The walls were old paneling, the ceiling old Celotex, the floors 9-inch asbestos tiles. There were watermarks, mold, and sponginess that comes from years of absorbed humidity. The staircase leading down as well as the stairway leading to the Bilco doors were safety hazards. As there were only two of us we didn't need the basement for use. For our three years there it remained unchanged.

When pastor Sylvester moved in with his wife, three children, and a parent, the house was not fit to accommodate this number of people. One of the first things Pastor did was to request a basement renovation. When that proved too costly for the congregation to cover he took the projecton himself, providing both hands-on work and oversight for its renovation. The resulting cost was half of what was originally estimated.

A few months later we had the opportunity to visit with the house and he was proud to show us an area that had new flooring, walls, and ceiling; that was clean, dry, and safe; and now provided a family room, a study, and a bedroom for their son.The change was remarkable and a testament to their skill, determination, and dedication. This now belongs to the church.
<br< Over the past few years, as the director of a disaster response rebuild and recovery program, I have contacted Pastor Sylvester for assistance in addressing special needs of Sandy homeowners. Most recently I have contacted him to assist with the reconstruction of a kitchen of a Sandy suivivor who has been a victim of contractor fraud, malpractice, and abuse. After almost 9 years she is still not in her home. I am looking for someone who will provide quality work, a fair price, and a caring presence. I have turned to my friend Elon.

I fully endorse and trust the work and mission of Elon and Tani, and their new venture Domicile Solution Seivices.

Sincerely, Rev. Tom Vencuss Director, New York Conference Mission and Disaster Response (Retired)

From Tracy Moore, Pastor of Trinity UMC in Coram, NY

March 21, 2021

Although I was not here when Pastor Elon renovated and repaired the necessary work done to the Parsonage and to the Fellowship Hall bathroom, I have reaped the benefit of his work while
living in the BUMC parsonage. He completely renovated the basement turning it into another comfortable and wonderful living area with a gas fireplace, ample lighting, new flooring and new walls. I have been told by members of BUMC about his passion and drive
regarding the the maintenance and upkeep of the parsonage and the church's edifice.
Members of BUMC have personally witnessed the basement transtormation at the parsonage residence of which Pastor Sylvestor and his family occupied during his pastorate here.

It would be a huge blessing having Pastor Elon direct the work of renovation and repair for the
parsonages of our conference. I recommend him because I know that our conference would be
that much better for having him on a committee or board that specializes in providing this
level of expertise to the church on a broader scale. We believe that Rev. Sylvester has
come now for such a time as this because churches now have difficulty more than ever for
sustaining themselves. We believing h is rising to the occasion and his ministry is a response to the cry for help that we see in our church conference

Grace & Peace